2 Lavender Sachets

$ 2.00 $ 5.00

Lavender is known for its qualities of relaxation as well as a natural insect and moth repellent. Send your guest home with these lovely lavender sachets to enjoy the wonderful fragrance wherever they wish the calming scent of lavender to be: linen closet, lingerie drawer, luggage, under pillow, bathroom shelf, etc.

The smell will last for years. To freshen the scent just give the sachet a gentle squeeze.

100% organic french lavender, sublimely fragrant and no other fillers or artificial additives are added.

They make beautiful bridal shower favors. or make apart of a gift basket Comes in a set of two size 3"x3" and can be custom wrapped in any color ribbon of your choice (custom orders only)to match your wedding colors.

The smell is amazing. The perfect stocking stuffer size, and the perfect home goods gift!